Our Story

This is an underdog story.

Growing up in the small town of Sharon, Massachusetts, Roxanne’s CEO Josh Katz quickly learned that hard work and business savvy make for excellent bedfellows, and his outsized ambition soon led him far from the streets of his youth. For years, Josh traveled throughout the Northeast, eschewing formal education in pursuit of the perfect business venture, but a string of bad luck derailed his entrepreneurial hopes and brought him back to where he’d began. At 28 years old, Josh found himself living in Stoughton, the town next to his childhood home, penniless and without course.

Discouraged but not defeated, Josh got back on his feet by working jobs in the foodservice industry, learning everything there was to know about making great, authentic food while saving to buy his own business.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Josh opened his first brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2012 and, perhaps as an nod to his incredible underdog story, named the new establishment after his beloved Pitbull, Roxanne. Today, Roxanne’s Taqueria is a household name in Stoughton, and the restaurant’s fresh, authentic Mexican recipes have garnered praise from The Boston Globe and other reputable local publications.

For fresh flavors, unbeatable value, weekly specials, and an ever-expanding menu of traditional Mexican fare, visit Roxanne’s Taqueria today!